It was pretty good

i am glad for you


A new Leche doujinshi was released this month ~

There’s one copy left for sale here.

Kuriboh and Bakura making angry faces at each other amuses me greatly

Do you have the translation of the doujinshi IntensiveCareLevel2, 3?

I can try to find IC2, since I’ve seen it before. However, 3 has not yet been translated, to the best of my knowledge.


REPLICA by Goendama

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this blog is gay yugioh porn but i guess that is pretty beautiful. thanks. right back atcha

Thank you so much for existing, and for uploading/linking to all these doujins. Without you I would never have been able to read them, and what's worse I would never have known what I was missing! Thank you thank you!!


Fragment - Yami Bakura x Ryou Bakura


Someone asked me to upload this dounjinshi because the website didn’t want to work for them. |D Originally found here:

Scanner: Anki-chan
Cleaner: Antchio
Translatior: Meian
Editor: Antchio
Proofreader: Ell
Circle: GOENDAMA *worships* 

It’s not as sad as some of the others, but beware of POOOOORN. And feels. Lots of feels. And precious Ryou. Man Ryou is adorable.

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Midnight II doujinshi

Midnight I: Link


Midnight I

Midnight II : Link

Kami-sama Onegai


Title: Kami-sama Onegai
Artist: Goendama
Scanalted by: ?
Rate: Adult
A couple of people were asking me about this doujinshi and they couldn’t download it, so I uploaded it here. |D I hope it’s okay!

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Artist: アタジェント
50/50 Doujinshi by High-Mode. Bronze/Tender/Puzzle



Title- 50/50 By High-Mode.

Series- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pairings- Bronze, Tender, Puzzle.

Rating- PG-13 (Very mild Sexual themes

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Sabaku No Hitsugi Doujinshi. Desert Coffin. Citronshipping.


Read from right to left. 

Sabaku No Hitsugi. Desert Coffin. Presented by 4th Gauge. Citronshipping (Malik X Thief king)

Series- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rating- U (Everyone)

Warnings- … a little tear drop… maybe~ 

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